In recent years, kratom has surged in popularity but vendors are still plagued by money problems. Kratom payments are often difficult because the herbal alternative treatment substance is constantly facing increased regulations from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Digital transactions are difficult for many kratom sellers and consumers.

Merchants regularly struggle to find domestic banks that will accept any type of kratom credit card processing. In many cases, they are forced to open offshore merchant accounts as the only viable way to accept electronic payments. Sadly, kratom vendors who do manage to find eCommerce kratom payment processing remain close-lipped about how they achieved the feat because they feel like they will lose their competitive edge in the highly volatile market.

Kratom Merchants and Credit Cards

Most kratom merchants do not accept any credit card payments but if you hunt then you will still find some that do. Sadly, currently, the Processing Card Industry has no interest in having a connection with kratom due to its fear about the potential shifting legal status that surrounds the herb. The fight continues to make card payments an option. Many kratom sellers remain dedicated to providing the service despite the difficulties involved, expense, and risk.

The War on Kratom

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A war on kratom

Political factions have been waging war against kratom. There is a great deal of money at stake and the anti-kratom lobby continues to push to make the herb illegal, but the scientific community and kratom activism communities fight any bans. However, the anti-kratom lobby attacks on all sides and one of the main ways they have been causing problems with kratom sellers is by lobbying Visa and Mastercard so they categorize kratom suppliers as restricted category of merchant. Kratom sellers have had to turn to unregulated overseas credit card processors in many circumstances.

The Payment Card Industry (PCI) has a list (policy) that outlines absolute bans on high-risk merchants such as those that provide online gambling and gaming, telemarketing, subscription-based services, and dating services. Although kratom is federally legal and remains unregulated the FDA and the pharmaceutical industry continue to attempt to ban kratom.

In the future, kratom sales could become completely illegal. At some point, the Kratom Consumer Protection Act will take shape. However, the stigma remains and is concerning for many kratom sellers.

Bitcoin and ECheck Kratom Payments

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Using Bitcoin for kratom

An e-check payment method is one choice. However, using an e-check is not without danger.  Unlike with credit cards where you can dispute a transaction, with an e-check you have little recourse if something should go amiss. Basically, you are trusting extremely sensitive information to the merchant and the payment processing service that they use. With an increase in fraudulent scams and bogus online stores, there is a risk when you enter your card and personal information.

The use of cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin provides an alternative payment method that is almost completely anonymous and secure. Many kratom sites are taking bitcoin for payment.

Other Payment Options

There are some other options for kratom merchants such as PayPal. Square, Stripe, and any domestic merchant. Sometimes those are options for payment processing for some vendors and retailers. However, all of these payment options are illegal and against the rules of PayPal along with Visa and Mastercard.

Kratom Merchants and Credit Card Processing

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Kratom and credit card processing

Virtually all kratom merchants are processing their credit card payments overseas so they can continue offering service without disruption. Unfortunately, the processing fees are remarkably high in such situations. The inflated processing fees cause many merchants to pass the fees off to their customers by increasing the cost of their kratom products. The situation causes both the customer and merchant to pay more than normal to have credit card processing. Some kratom vendors offer discounts to customers who opt to use alternative payment methods to encourage paying in another form such as Bitcoin. In some situations, a customer might receive a 20 percent discount when paying with Bitcoin instead of a credit card.

Kratom Payments: Your Choices

If you are struggling to open up kratom merchant services and you need help finding options for your kratom business, then please look at the following list of the best kratom merchant account providers. The providers listed are options for the high-risk industry and tend to serve the nutraceutical and e-commerce sectors. Each one has acceptable low complaint rates and offers live customer support which is a nice touch when you have a problem and desperately need to talk with a human.

What to Expect with Kratom Payments?

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The banking world and kratom

If you are a kratom seller then you should always be expected to pay higher-than-average transaction rates because there is an elevated risk linked to the kratom industry. It is not uncommon to experience rolling reserves or even fund holds. Kratom payment processing is extraordinarily complex and ever-changing. Banks are constantly trying to alter their acceptance policies (sometimes suddenly and with little to no warning).


PaymentCloud has become known as an acceptable credit card processor for kratom businesses. They focus on hard-to-approve business types and are one of the few financial institutions that can supply accounts to kratom merchants They also offer hemp merchant accounts and CBD merchant accounts. PaymentCloud is considered a top-rated merchant provider.

The merchant account provider is based in Woodland Hills, California. They offer point-of-sale solutions, online payment gateway with a virtual terminal, mobile phone swipers, EMV-compatible terminals plus merchant cash advances. Without a doubt, PaymentCloud remains a viable option for kratom businesses.

With each account, PaymentCloud offers a dedicated account rep for the life of your account. So far, the company has received no negative complaints. They customize their pricing based on the merchant’s business type and their unique processing history. The CPO (card payment options) provides PaymentCloud with an ‘A’. Currently, they are not a member of the Better Business Bureau (BBB).

Contact PaymentCloud at (888) 506-7859 for more information.

eMerchant Broker

eMerchant Broker is based in Los Angeles, California. They are a company that provides high-risk e-commerce processing solutions which is ideal for kratom payments. Services such as ACH processing, merchant cash advance, online payment gateway, resolve chargeback claims, chargeback management systems, and merchant disputes. Also, you can obtain an offshore merchant account from eMerchant Broker which works for online medical suppliers who have high processing volumes.

Currently, eMerchant Broker has an incredibly low complaint rate and provides custom pricing for every merchant. They are rated as an A+ through the BBB.

Contact eMerchantBroker at (877) 301-3442 for more information.

Host Merchant Services

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Discovering how to pay for kratom

Host Merchant Services offers services to domestic high-risk businesses. They have point-of-sale solutions, online payment gateway, gift and loyalty programs, offshore merchant accounts,  online marketing tools, mobile credit card processing, and a virtual terminal, the company is based in Newark, Delaware. Also, they specialize in eCommerce businesses with free websites and email addresses to any merchants who need them.

They provide interchange-plus pricing. There are no early termination fees. The BBB has given Host Merchant Services an A+ rating and CPO also provides them with an A+.

For additional information contact Host Merchant Services at (888) 591-9026.


Instabill is considered a high-risk merchant account provider based in Portsmouth, New Hampshire. They offer services for both domestic and international suppliers of kratom. Their services include an online shopping cart, payment gateway, virtual terminal, AVS, and support for over 160 currencies. They can provide kratom payments and services to businesses that have been processing payments for three to six months.

You’ll find customized pricing packages that are determined based on size and type. The BBB has given them an A rating.

Contact Instabill at  (800) 530-2444

Using a Credit Card for Kratom Payments

You are probably used to shopping online. It offers certain ease that is nice and stress-free. However, if you are new to buying kratom online you might have been surprised to see that it’s not so easy to find a kratom merchant that accepts credit cards. Yes, there are some, but most do not offer an easy payment option. Perhaps you feel frustrated over the entire situation. After all, you are probably used to using your credit cards to pay quickly and with minimal headaches. However, with kratom, you might have to explore other payment options. Instead of being upset, instead, look at the positives to NOT using a credit card to buy kratom.

  • Legal gray area:  No one likes to toe the line with a legal gray area when it comes to purchasing kratom with a credit card. If your merchant is not offering the service, then it might be best to pick another payment method and just tiptoe around the legal gray area.
  • Interesting: Look on the bright side, you won’t have to pay interest on a credit card if you don’t use one to buy your kratom
  • Discounts: some kratom merchants are offering genuinely nice discounts if you pick another payment method. It’s a great way to save money!

At My Kratom Club, we know how hard it is to find a merchant that takes kratom payments such as Visa and MasterCard. If you are having problems finding a payment processor, please contact us