Bumble Bee Green Borneo Kratom Capsules

Bumble Bee Green Borneo Kratom Capsules


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Bumble Bee Green Borneo Kratom guaranteed freshness by My Kratom Club

Bumble Bee Green Borneo Kratom has the perfect blend of uplifting and pain killing attributes.

Bumble Bee Green Borneo Kratom Capsules have a low sedative effect and are great for pain, stress and anxiety relief, along with mood elevation.

We do not recommend taking more than a 4 gram dose. It will take away from the beautiful energy this Kratom provides.

An overall well rounded Kratom choice for everyday activities.

We pride ourselves in providing the best quality products at the best prices. All of our products we make available are 100% pure Kratom and come with our MKC 100% Guarantee.

All of our supplements are factory sealed fresh and shipped soon after being packaged for the most potent product.

Our terms of service can be found HERE. It’s our job to make sure that you are purchasing Kratom from My Kratom Club responsibly.

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Bumble Bee Green Borneo Kratom Capsules have 3 sizes for your needs.

To find the best option please take a look at our Kratom Dosage Guide HERE. If you want the best experience, the Dosage Guide can be very useful.

Mitragyna Speciosa is the active ingredient in all strains of Kratom and is the main reason why Kratom is so powerful.

Because of the alkaloid structure taken from the Mitragyna Speciosa Tree Leaves this strain of Kratom has multiple purposes.

If you’re an experienced Kratom user than you know to keep Kratom in a dry and room temperature place. If you didn’t know that… then now you know.

We are always here to answer your questions, gather your feedback, and provide the best possible service.

E-mail us: info@mykratomclub.com

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4 reviews for Bumble Bee Green Borneo Kratom Capsules

  1. Danny Scott

    I am in front of a computer all day and unfortunately over the years have developed carpel tunnel. The Green Borneo from Bumblebee helps with the pain in my hands but doesn’t make me sleepy. I will take the red strain at night before bed but green is best for the day to day.

  2. Brian Golden

    By far my absolute favorite strain available from Bumble Bee. These Bumble Bee Green Borneo capsules make me feel so relaxed and let me focus a lot better. Hope My Kratom Club continues to keep these in stock and shipping them fast and for free…

  3. Melvin Mendonca

    I am used to taking the Bumble Bee White Borneo which gives me that extreme boost of energy and really gets me going. Was hoping to have a bit less energy than with the white powder and found it in the green.

    • My Kratom Club

      You got it right. The Bumble Bee Green Borneo is the in between. A mild pain reliever, helps with stomach issues, and gives you nice leveled energy.

      – MKC

  4. James English

    More of a fan of the white powder as I need lot’s of energy. Especially in the winter months.

    • My Kratom Club

      Hi James,

      The Bumble Bee White Borneo Powder is a more of a coffee replacement while the Bumble Bee Green Borneo powder is a steady energy and you need to take a bit more of it. This is coming from a handful of customers we have spoken to.

      – MKC

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