Kratom has taken its place in modern health for its array of effects to enhance the mind and body. Many Kratom reviews have been shared by individuals struggling with chronic pain, ADHD, and addiction to opioids. Their stories are proof of Kratom’s wide range of benefits.

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If you have struggles of your own, My Kratom Club is a good store with premium-quality Kratom for sale. Since 2016, our online Kratom store has been a community of trust and loyalty. We encourage people to share their stories, reviews, and suggestions to improve consistently. We pay close attention to what our customers have to say, and strive to gain your trust!

The Kratom market today is flooded with vendors and manufacturers but how many can you trust? We’ve taken it upon ourselves to serve the Kratom community through facts, quality products, and reliable service.

All Your Favorite Kratom Products in One Place

Do you need strong Kratom capsules or a refined Kratom powder of your favorite strain? Our store is your ultimate destination to get quality strains from 20 of the best Kratom brands.

Best Kratom Brands at My Kratom Club

Whether it’s OPMS Kratom extracts, Phoenix Herbals Kratom tea, or Whole Herbs fresh powders; we’ve got it all! Here’s an overview of the brands you can find at My Kratom Club:

  • OPMS
    OPMS Kratom’s cold water extraction process delivers natural, strong products. You can find a variety of OPMS Silver, Gold, and Black products at our store. The OPMS Black Extract Liquid Shot is a popular choice among experienced users for its unparalleled potency!
  • Phoenix Herbals
    If you’re looking for some ultra-relaxing Kratom tea blends, Phoenix Herbals is your go-to! Their quality herbal preparations are a popular pick, especially their Kratom Tea Shot! It’s made with pure Red Maeng Da Kratom extract and is perfect to help you relax.
  • K80
    While we’re talking about liquid Kratom extracts, K80 is another popular brand we carry. The signature pick-me-up K80 Kratom Extract Shots are tremendous pain relievers!
  • Club 13
    As the oldest-running Kratom company in the US, Club 13 is home to a diverse collection of Kratom capsules and Kratom powders. Their proprietary blends are widely loved by many, especially the Club 13 Connoisseur Blend.
  • Remarkable Herbs
    Since 2001, Remarkable Herbs has been serving the Kratom community with its effective and unique strains. If you want to experience the true Kratom benefits, shop Remarkable Herbs Kratom Powders at My Kratom Club!

Kratom Strains at My Kratom Club

We carry all sorts of Kratom strains that are well-received by Kratom lovers everywhere. Do you need Red Bali Kratom to relax or some White Maeng Da Kratom to energize the mind and body? Our store has got you covered! Here’s a list of the top strains we carry:

  • Bali Kratom Strains
    Bali Kratom is widely popular to manage pain and calm the nerves. Red Bali Kratom is one of our top picks when it comes to relaxing strains!
  • Maeng Da Kratom Strains
    You’ll find all veins of Maeng Da Kratom at our store; people love it for its potent effects! White Maeng Da Kratom is a popular choice as it offers mental clarity, boosts energy, and relieves pain.
  • Borneo Kratom Strains
    Borneo Kratom is widely available at My Kratom Club from many brands in all three veins. But most Kratom users love White Borneo Kratom for its super-energizing effects.
  • Thai Kratom Strains
    White Thai Kratom is likened to Maeng Da, but it’s comparatively milder. You can find White and Green Thai Kratom products from multiple brands at our store!

Why It’s Wiser to Buy Kratom Online

How do you trust you’ll buy the best Kratom online when don’t know what you’re getting? Buying Kratom locally might seem like the better option, but only if it’s a dedicated Kratom store. Random smoke shops are not known to carry fresh, name-brand Kratom products. And they’re often pricier if you do find good ones. Online Kratom stores have a strong reputation to maintain. You can find a wide variety of brands and strains with a promise of quality, freshness, and competitive pricing.

Steps to Ensure You Buy Kratom Safely

The Kratom industry is vast; not all online stores are alike. You could end up wasting your money unless you do your due diligence. Here are key things to remember:

  • Assess vendors before buying — conduct research, consult forums, and read reviews.
  • Never accept products that aren’t lab-tested or don’t come with a seal.
  • Always purchase name-brand Kratom products with a good reputation.
  • Seek out people with the same needs as yours to narrow down what suits you.


It’s easy to get lost in a sea of Kratom vendors and brands when you don’t know where to start. Every purchase at My Kratom Club comes with a guarantee of quality, freshness, and excellent service!


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