Bumble Bee Hello Vietnam Capsules

///Bumble Bee Hello Vietnam Capsules

Bumble Bee Hello Vietnam Capsules


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Bumble Bee Hello Vietnam Capsules Guaranteed Fresh by My Kratom Club

Bumble Bee Hello Vietnam Capsules are a brand new flavor added to the Bumble Bee Kratom product line!

In the short time this product has been available people seem to really enjoy it.

The name Hello Vietnam is based on the Kratom trade in Vietnam that as of recently is picking up momentum.

Most of the Kratom on the market today is from Indonesia and has been for years.

These Bumble Bee Hello Vietnam Capsules are homegrown wild along the Mekong river.

This is a rare strain coming from Vietnam and is known as the Yellow Vietnam.

If you were to taste the powder you would notice it is sweeter in comparison to the really bitter taste of other Kratom.

These are the capsules so you won’t notice the difference with this product.

Mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine are still the main active ingredients.

Benefits from the Bumble Bee Hello Vietnam Capsules:

  • Pain Relief
  • Mood Enhancement
  • Mental Focus and Clarity
  • Mental Relaxation
  • Digests Easily In The Body

Our  MKC 100% Guarantee promises you are purchasing 100% pure Kratom without any fillers or contaminants.

All of our supplements are of course factory sealed fresh. You’ll find My Kratom Club Kratom carries only the freshest and most potent products.

We must mention our Terms of Service  HERE. We do not want anyone, and we mean anyone purchasing Kratom irresponsibly.

Our website provides a large amount of information to make an educated choice on how to purchase Kratom responsibly.

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Bumble Bee Hello Vietnam Capsules have 3 sizes.

The 40 count, 90 count, and 300 count.

Each capsules is 500 mg or 1/2 gram.

This is the newest strain from Bumble Bee and is one of our most popular.

We recommend you start with at most a 2 gram dose (4 capsules).

Our Kratom Dosage Guide is HERE If you want the best experience.

This Dosage Guide can be very useful.

Mitragyna Speciosa is the plant that carries the active ingredients Mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine

These are the alkaloids responsible for making Kratom so powerful naturally.

The Hello Vietnam Capsules com from the Yellow Vietnam strain.  The Mitragyna Speciosa tree Leaves are cured in a way that works great for pain relief without the drowsiness effect.

If you’re an experienced Kratom user than you know to keep Kratom in a dry and room temperature place.

If you didn’t know that… then now you know.

We are always here to answer your questions, gather your feedback, and provide the best possible service.

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We are always here to answer your questions, gather your feedback, and provide the best possible service.

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Your order is shipped discreetly in plain packaging.

We use thick quality packaging to be sure your products arrive safely.

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5 reviews for Bumble Bee Hello Vietnam Capsules

  1. Frank Lindell

    Had never heard of Kratom coming from Vietnam so decided to give it a try. I noticed the Bumble Bee Hello Vietnam capsules helped have less anxiety. I was more in the moment and liked it. The Bumble Bee green borneo is my go to strain but I am adding this one to my collection.

    • My Kratom Club (verified owner)

      Thank you Frank for taking the time to leave your review on this new strain of Kratom offered by Bumble Bee. Currently it is only available in the 90 count for the introduction. Hopefully soon it will be available in the 300 count and 500 count. It is great to support the hard working people of Vietnam by purchasing this strain.

      – My Kratom Club

  2. Amanda Bentley

    The Hello Vietnam is a nice smooth well rounded feel. Its kind of hard to describe but it feels nice.

    • My Kratom Club (verified owner)

      The Hello Vietnam has become very popular since its release a couple months ago. Looking forward to seeing this Yellow Vietnam strain in the 300 and 500 count bottles soon.

      Appreciate your review.

      – MKC

  3. Patricia House

    Had high expectations with the Hello Vietnam. It was okay. Maybe I just didn’t take enough of the Hello Vietnam capsules…

    • My Kratom Club (verified owner)

      The Bumble Bee Hello Vietnam Kratom strain is a more mild strain. It really helps with digestion customers have told us. It really helps with mood elevation.

      Appreciate the honest review Patricia.

      It really allows our customers make the best decisions for products that work for them.

      – MKC

  4. John Ferguson

    In my opinion, kratom effectiveness, like most things depend heavily on your goals. If your goals with kratom are centered in relief from extreme musculoskeletal pain, this is probably not the right strain. For that, a Bali gold or train wreck blend will be better. If you want a positive, confident, social, energy experience, and to feel good or content, this is a totally acceptable strain. I use it for meditation. It helps with certainty in decision making, attention, and happiness, without being a distraction.

    • My Kratom Club (verified owner)

      Thank you so much John for the honest and sincere review.

      We are always happy to read about how this miracle plant helps people’s lives.

      Not only is your day to day much better but the feedback you provided will definitely help others in finding the best products.

      Thanks again John.

      – MKC

  5. Sonya Hyde (verified owner)

    I have been taking kratom since April 2019. My son, an Electrical Engineer introduced it to me in hopes to help me quit drinking. It helped him get through his last semester in college. A miracle happened, I haven’t had and don’t crave alcohol since the DAY I started taking it. I think it was the white borno Bumble Bee strain. I have moved on to other strains. Hello Vietnam is my all time favorite now. It gives me a good quality of energy to do chores around the house and work my 10 hour shifts in a warehouse on my feet. I also feel positive and the want to do these things that I would otherwise dread doing. I appreciate the customer service of MKC. They go above and beyond.

    • My Kratom Club (verified owner)

      Thanks Sonya for taking the time to leave this comment and the compliment.

      Happy Kratom has changed your life.

      The stories we read about and hear about are amazing.

      The Bumble Bee Hello Vietnam Kratom Capsules is one of the newer flavors of Kratom introduced and has really become popular.

      Keep moving in the right direction Sonya.

      – MKC

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