In recent years, kratom has dramatically increased in use throughout the United States. The herb’s growing popularity has spurred the market to grow by leaps and bounds. Nowadays, you’ll find a great deal of kratom variety available at brick and mortar establishments and online. In fact, the online marketplace has expanded quickly with a wide array of vendors selling herbal supplements in a variety of forms. You’ll find lots of kratom products on the market such as extracts, powders, capsules, and even Keurig coffee pods spiked with kratom.  At this stage, there is no end in sight to the influx of kratom products that are going to continue being launched to fit the consumers’ rabid obsession with the SE Asian herb

Which Kratom Variety Should You Try?

Have you been hearing a lot about kratom lately? Maybe you want to try it for the first time but you are unsure what to even buy. Don’t feel bad. Many people sit down in front of their computers and type in ‘kratom for sale’ only to feel overwhelmed with the huge number of vendors and products. How can you possibly make a decision? Maybe you decide to take a drive down to your local smoke shop, vape store, or dispensary to actually peruse the kratom products in person. Well, don’t be surprised if you are also overwhelmed when you reach the establishment because they sell a huge array of SE Asian herbal products. Things are definitely changing as the demand for kratom grows and manufacturers scramble to come with new and exciting ways to offer the herb to consumers. 

Kratom Variety: The Many Forms 

Historically, in SE Asia, users of kratom would ingest the herb by chewing on the tree’s fresh leaves to extract the alkaloids. Kratom tea is also a favored way of enjoying herbal benefits. At the end of a long day, locals would brew a piping hot cup of the bitter brew or make it the beverage of choice for a variety of festivals. As the popularity of kratom grew, the indigenous people of the area would harvest the leaves of the tree, dry them through the sunlight curing process and then pulverize the leaf fiber into a fine powder which would then ingest. 

Initially, kratom’s rising popularity in the Western hemisphere focused on kratom powders. The toss and wash method, which entails placing a spoonful of the powder in your mouth and washing it down with a drink of water, remains a popular ingestion method. However, most people would agree that kratom has a very bitter taste that is hard to swallow. In response to the unpleasant flavor of kratom, manufacturers have scrambled to find better ways of using kratom. 

Kratom Capsules

You can purchase kratom in a highly beneficial capsule form. You don’t have to taste the unpleasant bitterness of the herb when ingesting it. In addition, you are receiving an accurate dose of the herb because each chapel has been precisely measured out. There is no guessing or weighing out the powder as there is with the toss and wash method of using kratom powder.  

Capsules are also easy to carry in your purse, pocket, or glove box. You can easily pop one or two capsules when you need them the most. Ingesting kratom capsules is discreet because onlookers cannot tell the difference between kratom capsules or any other herbal supplement. This is ideal for users who value their privacy and don’t want others to wonder what they are ingesting. 

Kratom Extracts

Indonesia cashes in on Kratom amid debate over the plant's health benefits | South China Morning Post

Kratom Foliage

With the spike in kratom’s popularity, frequent users of the herb are seeking ways to maximize the herb’s alkaloid impact by using highly concentrated extracts. It should be noted, extracts are not ideal for newbie or novice users but they are a good option for moderate to heavy users who are seeking a higher and more potent dose of kratom. 

You’ll find kratom extracts available in shot-like beverages that you can quickly ingest for a fast pick-me-up.  If you are feeling drained during the day, want to hit the gym hard, or simply want to indulge in a heavy dose of kratom then an extract shot or energy beverage might be ideal.

Kratom tinctures have become wildly popular. You can put a few drops in a smoothie or cup of coffee. Also, you can opt to use the kratom extract tincture sublingually. Place a few drops directly under your tongue so the diverse network of veins can rapidly absorb the alkaloids found in the plants’ fibers for a fast and potent effect. 

Unusual Forms of Kratom

With the surge in kratom demand, unusual forms of kratom are also starting to make an appearance in the marketplace. Things like kratom gum and coffee pods laced with kratom are popular novelty options for users. 

Strains of Kratom 

Kratom's Benefits And Dangers Debated Amid Marketing Push : Shots - Health News : NPR

Kratom Variety

When shopping for kratom you’ll encounter many strains of kratom that are typically categorized by the country of origin. Names such as Indo (Indonesia)  Bali, Malay, Vietnam, Borneo, and more are common.  Those are further broken down by leaf vein colors with three being the most dominant: green, white, and red. However, on occasion, you will run into gold or yellow vein strains which are somewhat rare but very popular with users. 

Cultivation Location and Kratom Variety

Kratom users all have their favorites when it comes to strains. If you are wondering what sets the strains apart then the answer is a lot of different things. Kratom comes from the evergreen tropical tree Mitragynine species. The tree grows wild throughout most of the jungles of SE Asia. However, each cultivation location is different. The climate varies, rainfall differences and temperature ranges all impact the tree’s production of alkaloids significantly. Also, the soil where the tree grows definitely has a bearing on its potency. In Bali, the rich volcanic soil creates remarkably potent kratom. In Vietnam, the trees grow along the Mekong River where the silt is rich and brimming with nutrients that are then transferred to the Mitrogynine speciosa tree’s foliages to create remarkably robust kratom.

Maeng Da Kratom 

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Choosing Kratom

One of the most popular strains of kratom is the Maeng Da (which translates into the term ‘pimp’ grade).  It is a cultivar that is grown in several countries. You’ll find in three vein colors: red, green, and white.

Maeng Da is not the standard strain for a newbie kratom user because of the enhanced potency but it is definitely in demand. When buying Maeng Da kratom, be sure that you purchase it from a respected name brand that carries out third-party laboratory testing to guarantee not only potency but also purity. 

As the market burgeons with new kratom aficionados, the demand for the herbal supplement is only going to increase. You’ll encounter a great deal of kratom variety. It is important to always go with a respected brand that tests its products for purity. Also, buy from a vendor who stands behind their products.  

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