Kratom is an herb obtained from the tropical Mitragynine speciosa tree.

It has been used for centuries for its energy-boosting capabilities.

Laborers throughout SE Asia would regularly chew the alkaloid-laden leaves to get a pick-me-up so they could complete long days of toil.

Clearly, kratom and energy go together.

1. Kratom and Energy: The Boost You Need

When ingested in low doses (typically of five grams or less) kratom has a stimulatory effect which is why it was so favored by workers facing a day of hard physical labor.

The impact of the energy boost is powerful enough to satisfy the needs of anyone seeking energy.

Using the herb is almost like the rush you obtain from amphetamines which is why some people use kratom before heading to a club.

However, when taken in excess, the herb produces analgesic qualities that are very sedative and promote muscle relaxation.

2. Motivation Enhancement

Are your sails lagging lately?

The lack of motivation occurs when our energy is depleted.

Kratom and energy are valued ways to push your level of motivation.

If you are lagging and not looking forward to a certain chore, then taking kratom can enhance your level of motivation.

Imagine having the motivation, ambition, and drive you need to surge ahead in life.

3. Improved Focus With Kratom and Energy

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Gaining Greater Focus

Is it a cloudy day and you can’t imagine rolling out of bed to start your day?

Are you feeling lazy?

Using kratom will help keep you focused and reduce your instances of negative thoughts.

Your concentration will improve, and you can devote your undivided attention to work, studies, or whatever productive task is at hand.

4. Kratom and Energy for Weight Loss

Do you have a few pounds to lose but lack motivation?

Kratom can give you the self-confidence you need to change your physical health for the better by shedding unwanted weight.

The increased energy will encourage you to exercise, go for a walk, or hit the gym.

In addition, kratom appears to effectively suppress your appetite and curb cravings which can also be a huge perk when you are trying to reach your target weight.

5. Lowers Anxiety

You might wonder what energy has to do with anxiety.

Sufferers of anxiety will concur that it is a crippling condition that quickly saps the enjoyment out of daily activities because you might avoid seeing or interacting with people who stress you out.

However, kratom helps sufferers worry less.

The herb’s naturally occurring anxiolytics and active alkaloids react in the body in a similar fashion as anti-anxiety pharmaceuticals.

You’ll feel calmer, more relaxed, happy, and energized.

The improvement in your disposition will help you overcome your hesitation.

You’ll feel mentally and physically stronger – like you can grab the bull by the horns.

6. Greater Social Engagement

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Greater Social Ease with Kratom and Energy Booster

Human beings are social by nature.

Just look at our primate relatives who live in troops.

Our personalities naturally want to engage with like-minded individuals.

Unfortunately, some people suffer from shyness and they might dread the thought of meeting new people.

Basically, they lack confidence and the energy to make social contacts successfully.

Using kratom helps calm you down while boosting your confidence.

You’ll feel energized and want to meet new people, make new friends, and become a social butterfly.

7. Inspiration

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Inspiration to Paint with Kratom and Energy

Do you have a passion such as painting, sculpting, or writing?

Maybe you lack the inspiration needed to fuel your drive so you can create something utterly amazing.

Human beings are notorious for putting off today what you can achieve tomorrow, but sometimes tomorrow never comes.

Why avoid something?

You might say that you want to paint, write, or sculpt but you just can’t achieve the inspiration that you need.

Let kratom inspire you!

Kratom creates a powerful cognitive energy surge that many people feel spurs inspiration and creativity.

8. A Coffee Substitute

Virtually everyone in the United States turns to a cup of java to kick start their day with a wonderful caffeine buzz.

However, coffee isn’t without its side effects.

A racing heartbeat and shaking hands are unpleasant if you drink too much of the brew.

In addition, caffeine only lasts a few hours and then the buzz starts to plunge so you end up crashing.

You’ll feel tired and worn out.

Most people desperately need an afternoon nap.

With kratom, you won’t experience any crashes after using the herb.

Use kratom in the morning as a substitute for caffeine.

It will give you similar energy without the unpleasant side effects.

You won’t feel shaky or have a racing heart rate.

Instead, you’ll feel uplifted and better able to face the day.

Best of all, you won’t experience a crash as you do with caffeine.

9. Kratom and Energy as a Libido and Passion Booster

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Improved Libido

Kratom is located with potent alkaloids.

The two key players are Mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine.

The alkaloids work by binding with the body’s opioid receptors which trigger a release of serotonin and norepinephrine which quickly start to excite the brain’s motor area.

Men who experience erectile dysfunction (ED) often have performance anxiety.

Kratom can ease anxiety, curb ED, restore confidence and offer energy in the bedroom.

Many men experience a surge in energy when using kratom right before sex.

Sadly, one of the drawbacks to the energy increase is that some men cannot achieve orgasm.

However, some men don’t consider it a drawback and are happy to energetically perform without climaxing.

Kratom and Energy: The Best Strains

Below are a few of the best strains to increase energy:

White Maeng Da

White Maeng Da is a potent strain that spurs focus and energy.

It helps maximize feelings of stimulation.

With this strong strain, take a lower dose to avoid any sedative-like effects.

Remember, you want to enhance your energy and not curtail it.

The strain also helps improve focus and mental energy so you can quickly improve your thinking and concentration.

People who experience bouts of depression, often turn to this strain to improve their mental wellbeing and emotional state.

The euphoric high is unsurpassed which is why this is a favored strain for energy.

White Borneo

An energizing and uplifting strain.

It also has aspects that promote calmness and analgesia.

This is a perfect combination of relaxation coupled with energy and focus.

A nice flexible experience that is highly dependent on dosage.

Reds for Energy

Red vein varieties are some of the best choices for energy.

However, it is crucial that you take a low dose, so you don’t teeter over the edge into sleepiness.

A small dose gives you a great energy boost that is truly outstanding.

Red Vein Bali

With 25 various alkaloids, Red Vein Bali is a highly concentrated form of kratom that soothes the user while giving an extra nudge of energy when needed.

Although not a heavy hitter this is a great strain to energize the user.

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