Recently, as more people seek holistic ways to cope with their health problems the popularity of kratom has skyrocketed. Many are seeking the best kratom extracts to purchase but with a market that is being inundated by a bevy of brands and types, it’s hard to know what to buy. In this article, we will explore the merits of the amazing plant and look closely at the best kratom extracts.

History of Kratom

In Southeast Asia, locals have used kratom for centuries. They are believing that the plant promotes feelings of peace and tranquility while increasing motivation. Asian laborers regularly turn to the leaves of the Mitragyna speciosa to brew into tea or chew to extract the plant’s potent alkaloids because they feel it gives them the boost they need to make it through a grueling day of hard, physical labor.

Various Forms of Kratom

Nowadays, consumers can purchase kratom in a variety of forms. You’ll find kratom crushed into a fine powder (with the consistency of baby powder), as a stem and vein, crushed leaf, and formulated into extracts that are known for their strength and purity. In this article, our focus is on the best kratom extracts.

The Effects of Kratom

Kratom is incredibly unique because there are many strains and each one has different alkaloids. Some are stronger than others  Sometimes, a user will find ones that don’t agree with them and want to avoid those. However, please remember that another strain might provide the desired effects, and everything will be ideal.

Should Kratom Newbies Use Extracts?

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Extracts or Powders: Which are Best?

This is a big question that has various answers. Let’s focus on the fact that an extract is a process that enhances kratom’s potency by pulling out the alkaloids to create an enormously powerful formula. If you are new to kratom, you probably don’t need the strength of the best kratom extracts. In fact, you should probably avoid them until you have used the herb for a while and built up a resistance. Ideally, newbie kratom users should use a powdered leaf form that you can ingest doing the ‘toss and wash’ method. This means that you place a spoonful of the kratom in your mouth and then you wash it down with a beverage.

You could also opt to use a pre-measured kratom capsule, so you know exactly how much kratom you are ingesting. Even brewing a bit of kratom powder with tea is ideal for most new kratom users. Overall, extracts should be reserved for kratom users who are seasoned with resistance.

The Alkaloids of Kratom

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The most potent kratom has the highest alkaloids.

Kratom contains two critical alkaloids: Mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine. It is believed that the alkaloids produce similar entourage effects as those found with cannabis. The best kratom extractions isolate the two main alkaloids found in the plant to create a very potent and effective product.

Kratom Extraction Process

Kratom extraction involves using a process to pull the alkaloids from the plant’s fiber by using either solvents or very specialized equipment to ensure potency and purity.

Common solvents used to extract the alkaloids from the kratom include:

  • Water
  • Butane
  • Propane
  • Alcohol
  • Glycerin
  • Butane
  • Methanol
  • Ethanol
  • Vinegar

Ideally, you should use the least harsh solvents during the extraction process to render a truly pure product. You want to ensure that the plant’s phytochemicals, flavonoids, and phenols are preserved during the entire process. Unlike cannabis, there is a great deal of trial and error involved in extracting the alkaloids from kratom. The most experienced brands will achieve a balance to ensure a truly superior and strong product.

Extraction Potency

Clearly, the number of leaves used during the extraction process matter because they have an impact on the potency achieved. The more leaves, the greater the potency. The number of alkaloids also depends on the strain used during extraction.

When considering the extraction potency of kratom, please remember that a little goes a long way. The enhanced concentration is usually far greater in extraction than in kratom powders or plant material.

Powder vs. Extracts

Even a small amount of powder is often exceptionally potent depending on the strain. Using a powder kratom is highly effective and ideal for most users. Even with a small dose, you can experience powerful benefits. Please remember that kratom extracts carry an even greater punch. Just a little bit goes a long way.

Using the Best Kratom Extracts


Try different kratom extracts to determine which one is best for your body’s needs.

Have you been frequently using kratom powders or capsules? Have you decided to make the leap to using an extract? Please remember, this is not a decision to be taken lightly. Kratom extracts are strong and might knock you for a loop if you have not been using kratom for an extended time. However, if you are a pro kratom user than turning to the best kratom extracts is really the next most natural progression so you still maintain the same effects.

Here are a few tips to using the best kratom extracts:

  • Pick a brand that you are comfortable using. You should like and know the brand. Ideally, the company should be reputable and stand behind their products.
  • Always factor in the potency when picking a kratom extract.
  • Know where the kratom came from that you are using
  • Start by using the smallest dose to determine the potency level. You’ll want to find your own unique ‘sweet’ spot which is which tis the best dosage for your unique needs. Remember, what works well for one person might not for you.
  • Start out with the lowest dose possible to achieve the results that you seek. If you are unsure of your required dose, then always go low instead of high.
  • Use the kratom extract as you normally would.
  • Always wait to see the effects before you increase your dose. Sometimes there is a delayed reaction so you should always be patient.

Try Extracts Occasionally

The potency of the extract is undeniable. However, you should not use it solely. Instead only use an extract when you need that extra boost of kratom. You do not want to develop kratom tolerance where it takes more and more of the herb to achieve the same results. Ideally, use kratom extracts only when needed. Try to alternate extracts with your other favorite kratom products and strains so you are never using the same things continuously. Strain variation always has an impact on the benefits that you achieve. Ideally, try to purchase different varieties of kratom extract, and then you can alternate and judge the different reactions. One might work better than another.

Avoid Mixing Extracts

You’ll want to achieve an understanding of the impact that a kratom extract has on your body. Focus on a single strain extract and only use it to determine how you feel. After you have an idea of the strain and what to expect then you can try a different extract to see if you have the same success. In many cases, you might not like the extraction that you initially pick but the second or third selection could end up being ideal. It takes experimentation to pick the best kratom extracts.

Best Kratom Extracts


Try different kratom extracts to avoid building up a tolerance.

Let’s focus on a few kratom extracts that you might want to try. Although you can buy them in a wide array of brands, typically you can expect about the same results.

Thai Kratom Extract

Thai kratom comes from Thailand and is known as a very potent strain. When extracted, it contains exceptionally high concentrations of Mitragynine which increases your focus and energy. Users in Southeast Asia believe that a Thai kratom extract increases their work performance so they can function for long hours of hard labor.

You’ll encounter many sub-strains of Thai kratom extracts such as green and white veins which are known to regulate your moods. Red strains are rumored to have good pain-relieving properties All Thai extracts are believed to increase your motivation and productivity while giving you added confidence

Maeng Da Extract

Kratom users are usually remarkably familiar with Maeng Da kratom which is known for its potency. As an extract, it is hugely impressive and probably one of the strongest available. It is rich in alkaloids that readily bind with the brain’s receptors. Many users swear by Maeng Da’s pain-relieving effects.

At My Kratom Club, you’ll be happy to learn that we carry a full line of kratom strains HERE. You’ll find Maeng Da and many of your favorites.

Indo Kratom Extract

Indo kratom has its roots in Indonesia and is considered a leading strain. It is not only rich in mitragynine but also 7-hydroxy Mitragynine. Unlike other kratom strains, it has exceptionally long effects which are even more pronounced when used as an extract. Many people turn to Indo extracts for fast pain relief, to cope with opiate withdrawal, and to improve mood.

Picking the best kratom extracts for your needs is never easy. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact My Kratom Club to learn more about the different kratom products and extracts.

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