Earth Kratom is becoming more widespread across the USA. Many users first notice the products in local headshops, vape shops, and dispensaries. In this Earth Kratom Review, you will learn what sets this brand apart from others.

This History of Earth Kratom

Earth Kratom first made its debut in 2017 and quickly became a respected brand. They utilized aggressive advertising and offered a competitive product to gain a foothold in the industry. Also, Earth Kratom’s parent company is the long time kratom vendor known as MBBR distribution. Their reputation and weight in the industry helped to legitimize Earth Kratom so retailers, vendors, and users sat up and took notice.

Earth Kratom Review

Choose from liquids, capsules, or powders.

The true test of any kratom brand is longevity and that is attained by forging a strong customer service base of satisfied users who continue to come back because they are happy with the product. Earth Kratom appears to have achieved that goal.

Where to Buy Earth Kratom?

Nowadays, Earth Kratom is widely available at head and vape shops across the nation. You can also find the brand being offered by reputable online vendors. We are happy to now offer Earth Kratom products in our store HERE.

Products Offered by Earth Kratom

Earth Kratom does sell a diverse selection which most users appreciate when looking for a brand. You will find powders, liquid extracts, and capsules.

  • Powder: Green Hulu, Super Indo, Green Malay, Green Borneo, White Borneo, White Maeng Da, Green Vietnam, Red Bali Green Hulu, Green Maeng, Red Maeng Da. and Trainwreck.
  • Liquid extracts: They offer 12ml bottles.
  • Capsules: White Maeng Da, Green Borneo, Green Maley, Green Vietnam, Super Indo, Trainwreck, Red Hulu, Red Maeng Da, Super Indo, and White Borneo.

Earth Kratom Review and Reputation

When writing an Earth Kratom review, we cannot overlook the fact that the brand was part of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s crackdown in 2018 of potentially salmonella contaminated kratom.

When speaking with Earth Kratom directly for information in regards to this they did state they had contracted out for their capsule manufacturing.

They are no longer using that manufacturer as everything is manufactured and packaged in the USA in their own GMP facility.

Since that incident, there have never been any other reports of problems with the brand’s kratom. However, that is a dark part of history that cannot be ignored when writing any Earth Kratom review.

Distribution Launches Earth Kratom

Many people wondered why Fire Wholesale launched Earth Kratom. They made a point of letting users know that the focus of Earth Kratom has always been in offering a truly all-natural kratom formula that is formulated using only a natural and clean extraction method.

Fire Wholesale Claims on Kratom

Earth Kratom does make some bold health claims the last time we checked.

We at My Kratom Club have had our customers report many of these benefits but everyone is different and we cannot endorse the below as Kratom is an all natural supplement not regulated by the FDA.

  • Painkilling Help
  • May Benefit From Opiate Addiction
  • Energize
  • Stimulate the Immune System
  • Lift Mood
  • Carpal Tunnel
  • Headaches
  • Arthritis
  • Multiple sclerosis
  • Body aches
  • Claiming their products are high in antioxidants and vitamin content which promotes general health.

The Focus of Earth Kratom

There is a wide assortment of Earth Kratom products.

When Fire Wholesale launched Earth Kratom, they wanted to reach their wholesalers, distributors, users, and local store owners to familiarize them with the products being offered and what sets them apart from others. They also focused on social media exposure, customer service, marketing, and manufacturing so the brand would have the ability to rise above others and truly gain recognition.

The Reputation of Fire Wholesale

Fire Wholesale has been around since 1999 and offers quality kratom. They have formed a strong and loyal customer service base. Their focus has always been on offering quality at a great value with excellent customer service. They provide a full line of kratom capsules, powders, and liquids.

  1. A family-owned and operated business, Fire Wholesale is in Myrtle Beach, SC. They like to boast that they are focused on helping customers with three important factors:
  2. Mood
  3. Anxiety
  4. Energy

With over 18 years of producing, manufacturing, and distributing a wide array of kratom products, they are leaders in the industry. They work towards developing their own hallmark products with the best in technology. They then distribute the kratom nationwide and Earth Kratom is one of their focuses.

The Stats on Earth Kratom

Earth Kratom is based in the United States, just as Fire Wholesale ex but they also have offices located in Lisboa, Portugal that deal with their European clients and inquiries.

Currently, Earth Kratom offers twelve kratom strains with over fifty different types of kratom powders. The most popular strains are widely available, but you will have to hunt a little bit harder or contact the company for the rare ones such as Red Hulu Kapuas. Though the rare ones are popular, they are often hard to obtain. The demand often exceeds the quantities available.

The company offers twelve main kratom strains and almost fifty different variations of powders. They have a website where they offer retail and wholesale options. In addition, you can contact them for further information via email or using their online order form.

Earth Kratom’s Most Popular Variety

One of the most popular kratom varieties offered by Earth Kratom is their Trainwreck kratom blend which contains eleven strains blended. Trainwreck is extremely popular with users.

Earth Kratom’s Website

Earth Kratom does have its own website, but it is not extremely user-friendly. In fact, most would agree that it is built more for those who already use kratom or are retailers instead of newbies. There is no blog site or area that tells about the various products. If you click on the strain, then you will only see informational basics. They outline the product description, price, quantity, and strain. Nothing else such as expected effects or potential benefits.

In addition, there is no ‘about us’ section which leaves the visitor to wonder who exactly is Earth Kratom? How long has the company been around? Where did they get their start? These are all basic questions that most would-be customers would appreciate answered before they decide on if a product is right or wrong for their needs.

Customer Service

Most people purchase Earth Kratom products from head shops, vape shops, dispensaries, or other online retailers. They rarely buy directly from Earth Kratom’s website. The online vendor site appears more friendly for wholesale purchases. However, on their site, they do accept returns. The item must be returned unopened within 30 days of purchase. On some strains they also take exchanges.

Earth Kratom Products

Order Earth Kratom online or purchase at a head shop.

Let us look at a few of the Earth Kratom’s products:

Green Borneo

Green Borneo comes from the Indonesian Borneo Islands and is one of the most popular strains sold by Earth Kratom. The strain shares a few characteristics with a white vein. It is rumored to have a euphoric effect for most users. Many use it to seek muscle relaxation, stress relief, and ease pain. With this strain, you will want to find your sweet spot when dosing because if you use too much then you can feel sedated, and if you use too light then it is stimulating. You will have to find the best dose.

White Maeng Da Kratom

Kratom users, even novices, know that Maeng Da is a favored strain due to its potency. The White Maeng Da Kratom is grown in Malaysia and Indonesia. Interestingly, the Thai term Maeng Da translates into ‘pimp grade’ or ‘pimp.’ The name appears to promote the strain’s popularity among local users in Southeast Asia.

Earth Kratom’s White Maeng Da is said to have a great kick and impact the user in a similar fashion to caffeine. Without a doubt, this is one of the brand’s most popular strains and is usually widely available.

Red Hula Kapuas Kratom

Red Hula Kapuas Kratom is a rare strain and difficult to find. However, users tend to fall in love with it and regularly seek it out. The strain is cultivated on the Borneo Islands in Indonesia. It grows in exceedingly difficult to reach areas of the island. The leaves are usually left on the tree for longer, so they reach maximum maturity to boost the alkaloid intensity. Without a doubt, good things are hard to find so if you have difficulty obtaining Red Hula Kapuas Kratom then you are not alone. However, most kratom users would agree that the wait is well worth it.

After reading this Earth Kratom review, you are probably interested in trying out the brand to see what all the hype is about. You can visit a head or vape shop to buy the kratom, but you never know if the product is exceptionally fresh. Sometimes the kratom products sit on the store’s shelves for an extended amount of time and might lose crispness. You can order from Earth Kratom but as stated, they are geared more towards the wholesale buyer. Another option is to buy the freshest kratom strains from an online retailer like My Kratom Club.

Please visit My Kratom Club’s website to learn about our many strains. Contact us if you have any questions.