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Hush Kratom has emerged as a leader in kratom extracts. They are a company that clearly puts quality first and proudly displays its Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) logo on its website and products. The company’s herbal supplements are known for their impressive potency. Although not for a novice kratom user, Hush Kratom meets the needs of moderate to seasoned users nicely who are looking for an extract with an impressive punch.

Hush Kratom’s Extraction Process

Hush Energy Kratom 2oz Shot 12ct

Hush Kratom is a leader in extracts

The extraction process that all of the Hush Kratom products undergo docs on purity. They use only food-grade solvents to pull the alkaloids from the Mitragynine speciosa plant material. The food-grade solvent ensures that the extract is clean and free of chemicals. In addition, they eliminate many things from their extracts that most consider undesirable such as leaf material, phyto material, lipids, waxes, tannins, and oils. The goal of the refined extraction process is to ensure that they achieve only an immaculate pure alkaloid product.

Features of Hush Kratom’s Extracts

Hush Kratom extracts are highly concentrated alkaloids. The average kratom herbal supplement in leaf form typically contains about 15 mg of Mitragynine alkaloids along with the plant’s other natural alkaloids. Most people use three to five grams to achieve results. However, Hush Kratom extracts contain significantly more.

Understanding the Concentrated Form

Basically, the concentrated/extracted form of Mitragynine found in Hush products is equivalent to eight grams of natural powdered leaf. Please remember that new and moderate users usually only use three to four grams to achieve results so you can see how these products are tailored for seasoned kratom users.

Hush uses Maeng Da kratom strains due to their mood and energy-enhancing effects. For some users, the effects are simply too stimulating. You should always use any concentrated form of kratom with caution.

The Effects of Hush Kratom According to Users

Hush is undoubtedly stronger than other brands of kratom. Most users report a strong impact from the brand, but others say they only experience modest differences or nothing significant. Remember, kratom in low doses is extremely energizing but in high doses, it has sedentary effects. If a person has not built up a tolerance to kratom then taking a high dose of alkaloids might not energize the user as effectively as a low dose. If you want to increase your productivity, then you’ll want to pay attention to your own dosage sweet spot so you know if Hush extracts products might be too potent and high in alkaloids to energize your body.

Hush Kratom Product Line

Hush Energy 2oz Kratom Shot –

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Below is a list of the Hush Kratom product line. However, please remember that the company is constantly adding to its inventory of creative extracts and might also retire certain products.

Hush Ultra Shots

These extract shots can be purchased in 12-count retail for vendors. However, when you purchase them online from retailers you can typically buy only one shot if needed. Each one of the shots contains 10 ml of full-spectrum extract which means it’s brimming with all of the alkaloids found naturally in the plant’s leaves. The shots are non-alcohol-based and sport a remarkably refreshing lemon-lime flavor.

Hush Coffee Shots

Talk about the ultimate energy drink! These 10ml full spectrum shots contain not only alkaloids but also real coffee. They are not simply coffee-flavored. This means you get the caffeine jolt combined with the energy-boosting capabilities of kratom. One of these shots is the ultimate pick-me-up to grab as you head out the door. The shot will wake you up and help kickstart your day.

Hush Gummies

Who doesn’t like the candy-like flavor of a chewy gummy? They are convenient and easy to use. Just pop a gummy for an accurate dose of alkaloids with each bite. Each bite-sized chewy morsel contains 10 to 11 mg of Mitragynine. These gummies have an exotic tropical fruit flavor. You get to control how many alkaloids work for your particular needs when ingesting these gummies. Just remember, they are not your typical kratom gummy. They are formulated as a high-potency extract, so each gummy is comparable to one gram of plain, natural leaf. Some people cannot take the full gummy and must only take a bit out of one to achieve their desired results. Each bag contains 10 gummies.

Hush Soft Gels

The ease of the Hush Soft Gels is remarkable. In addition, each soft gel has absolutely no taste. When ingesting your dose of kratom, you never have to worry about the bitter alkaloid flavor that is the plant’s hallmark characteristic when you use these soft gels. Each soft gel is contaminate-free and contains a very standardized alkaloid content. They act fast upon ingestion. In addition, the small capsules are wonderfully easy to swallow – some people don’t even need water because they slip right down. Each bottle contains 225 mg of alkaloids with each capsule containing 15 mg of migraine which is comparable to two full Hush Shots. The manufacturer’s recommended serving size is three to four capsules.

Hush Kratom Gold Capsules

Hush Gold Kratom Extract Capsules 5 count (Full Spectrum)

Full Spectrum Extracts

These capsules are loaded with kratom extract powder. You can buy them in blister packs that contain two, three, or five capsules. Retailers typically purchase a 12-count retail-ready box. Each capsule has about six to seven grams of full-spectrum extract powdered alkaloids which is a standard dose for many newbie or moderate users.

Hush Kratom Platinum Caps

This is the first kratom liquid gel cap ever created by a leading kratom brand. The liquid helps guarantee that the alkaloids in the plant act quickly and effectively. Each capsule contains three to four grams of plain leaf. There are two capsules per blister pack.

Hush Silver Caps

Hush Kratom Silver Enhanced Extract –

Extract Capsules

The enhanced extract is blended in a capsule form that contains 15 mg of Mitragynine per capsule. The plant fiber is full-spectrum, so you’ll also reap the benefits of the plant’s many alkaloids combined and not just the Mitragynine. Each jar of silver contains 20 capsules per jar. Carry the bottle in your purse, pocket, or glove box. You can easily store it in a medicine cabinet or desk for ease of use.

Hush Ultra Enhanced Powder

Despite the many other ways that are now available to ingest kratom, many seasoned users still prefer the tried and true method of using powder in a toss and wash fashion or adding it to beverages or edibles. The Hush Ultra Enhanced Powder is a full-spectrum kratom extract powder. The jar holds 30 to 35 mg of Mitragynine per gram and there are fifty grams per bottle.

Hush Energy Shot

Hush just released their new Hush Energy Shot which is a full spectrum shot blend that boasts a cheerful orange flavor. It has 80 mg of caffeine combined with three times more Mitragynine than other brands on the market. You’ll get 65 mg of Mitragynine per two-ounce shot. This energy shot is for special occasions when you need a very well-defined and intense energy kick. It honestly might be too much for some users to handle if they are not experienced with kratom and have built up a resistance to the plant’s powerful alkaloids.

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