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Super Green Kratom Facts: Effects, Benefits, and Potency

Super Green Kratom (referred to as Super Green Malay) has risen in popularity substantially in recent years.

The strain has the reputation of being exceptionally potent.

Unlike other kratom strains that boast that their strength comes from cultivation and regional growth dynamics, Super Green Kratom gets its strength from the intricacies of processing and harvest which differs significantly from other strains.

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Strain’s Origins

Super Green Malay’s origins are Malaysia.

The herb comes from the leaves of the Mitragyna speciosa tree.

The ‘green’ in the name refers to the color of the veins that crisscross the leaves.

All kratom strains are denoted by vein color: green, white, or red.

The alkaloids’ chemical makeup dictates the vein color of the leaves.

The strain’s ‘super’ in the name is used because of the enormous size of the tree’s leaves at the time of harvest.

Sometimes this version of kratom is called ‘elephant’ because the leaves look like large elephant ears.

Cultivations and Geographic Impact

Image result for large kratom leaf

Bagged Kratom Waiting for Export

The unique solid composition found in Malaysia helps dictate the alkaloid content of the tree’s foliage.

Clearly, it has a direct impact on the tree’s growth.

Most researchers believe that the region impacts the cell wall density in the foliage which is why Malaysian strains appear to last longer than green vein strains grown in other regions.

The Effects of Super Green Kratom

Super Green Kratom emerges as one of the most potent strains of the herb that you can purchase.

Without a doubt, it stands out from other green vein strains.

Many users consider it a balance between the red vein and white vein.

One of the two strains’ effects overpower the other and instead find a nice unity within Super Green Kratom.

Do you want to relax?

One of the great things about Super Green Malay Kratom is that it offers very relaxing effects.

You’ll feel a full-body leisure sensation after the first dose.

Many users opt to use it to unwind after a long, stressful day at work or on the weekend when you want to gain a little more repose.

If you are in a bad mood or feeling down then Super Green Kratom might be the perfect pick-me-up to improve your mood.

Most users report greater levels of ease and happiness after use.

Without a doubt, the mood-boosting works in perfect tandem with the relaxation potential so you can genuinely enjoy your time.

Many compare the pick-me-up with drinking a pot of coffee but without the unwanted racing heartbeat or jitters that caffeine typically renders.

You’ll feel an internal peace without being too antsy.

Dosage of Super Green Kratom

Image result for large kratom leaf

Alkaloids of Kratom

Newbie users must remember the exceptional potency of Super Green Kratom when determining dosage.

You can use half a gram and still reap the benefits.

If you are a seasoned user then you might want to use four to six grams.

Interestingly, the effects of  Super Green Kratom last longer than red or white vein strains.

Although this strain provides relaxation, it also increases your energy so do not take it before bed or sleep will become elusive.

You’ll end up tossing and turning until dawn.

Ideally, you should use Super Green Kratom occasionally instead of every day so you avoid building up a tolerance and you can continue to enjoy the truly exceptional impact of the unique strain.

Basically, don’t overdo a good thing.

Instead, practice moderation and make this a strain that turns to when you really need the results or wants to enjoy the effects.

Similar – Less Potent – Strains

Image result for large kratom leaf

Large Kratom Leaf

If you like Super Green but it’s just a bit too overpowering then you might want to try Green Malay kratom.

A milder alternative, the strain has the same benefits as Super Green Kratom but without the hard kick that many may not initially favor.

The Popularity of Super Green Kratom

Yes, the popularity of the strain has continued to increase.

It has a moderate to a high level of desired physical results account for the favor garnered by the strain.

In addition, it has an extraordinarily strong aroma that many users find pleasurable and feel only enhances their overall experience.

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Alkaloids Found in Super Green Kratom

The alkaloids are what makes this herb so unique.

The compounds render the effects when the consumer ingests the strain.

With Super Green Kratom, you’ll enjoy a moderate blend of the heavy hitters of Mitragynine and 7 hydroxymitragynine.

When researched, none of the alkaloids are exceptionally high in this strain.

In fact, they seem only slightly boosted.

However, as with all things in life, the alkaloids in kratom depend on ratios and balance.

With Super Green, you receive a very precise mixture which is why you end up with an exceptional physical reaction.

Harvest and Cultivation

Image result for kratom leaf

Drying Kratom

Yes, the harvest and cultivation process for Super Green Kratom is different from other strains.

Only the largest leaves are harvested for Super Green Kratom.

It is believed that robust leaves contain the best alkaloid balance.

Once picked, curing takes place.

The leaves are laid out in the sun for fast drying.

The leaves then go through a special shifting method that removed the stems prior to pulverizing the fibers into a fine powder.

Interestingly, instead of grinding the leaf fiber, the leaves are actually shredded which is different from any other strain.

Stems contain a much lower alkaloid content so doing away with the stems during processing ensures that the chemical compounds do not diminish.

Also, many think that the shredding process preserves the plant’s earthy aroma.

Figuring the Cost

Without the presence of stems, the user obtains a far superior overall experience.

However, the process of removing the stems does take time which ends up reflected in the higher cost of Super Green Kratom compared to other strains.

Usually, an ounce costs $12-$14 (give or take).

You can purchase larger quantities.

A kilogram runs about $350.

You can purchase the strain in powder or capsule form.

Choosing Powder or Capsules

Many kratom users prefer the toss and wash method of ingesting kratom powder which involves placing a spoonful of the powder in your mouth and then washing it down with a glass of water or some other beverage.

However, for others, the process can cause coughing and gagging.

You can add the powder to a cup of tea or coffee.

Use sugar or honey to sweeten the beverage and remove the bitter taste of the alkaloids.

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Kratom powder also works well in smoothies.

If the powder is simply not an option for you then you can also buy the herb in capsule form which provides an accurate dosage and greater convenience.

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  1. I wish I read this before consuming 6 grams. Still, I have been feeling more calm instead of the anxiety & depressive symptoms I’ve been feeling. I’m currently a “guest” in a mental health residential unit, yet I was still allowed to get my order delivered here.

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