The kratom industry is growing by leaps and bounds. To maintain the interest of the avid kratom user and stay a step ahead of the competition, brands are scrambling to release new types of kratom that inspire newbies and intrigue aficionados of the herb. One of the newest blends to hit the marketplace is referred to as ‘Trainwreck.’  You are probably wondering, what is Trainwreck kratom?

What is Trainwreck Kratom and How is it Made?

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Using Trainwreck Kratom

Many leading companies in the kratom business are offering ‘Trainwreck’. However, they have been a bit vague about the blends’ content. Is it a new strain that has been tailored through the process of grafting like the favorite strain Maeng Da? Is the formula a mixture of several strains? What is Trainwreck kratom? Everyone is scrambling to figure out the answers to these questions.

Some brands are trying to provide some transparency when asked ‘What is Trainwreck kratom?” but they are keeping the secrets of the recipe hid away. Many leaders in the kratom industry are stating that Trainwreck is a distinctive blend of 11 specific strains that all complement each other to create a superb formula.

The Blend of Trainwreck Kratom

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Choosing Trainwreck

The strains that are going into Trainwreck are ‘secret’, but many brands have come forward to state that Bali, Borneo, and Maeng Das are part of the recipes. The ratio of each probably differs depending on the brand. However, that is just an assumption. The strains used also are top-shelf products that have frequently undergone unique processing practices such as sun driving and further formulation to enhance the alkaloids found naturally in the plant fibers. Gold and yellow kratom typically undergo such methods to super-charge the kratom powder. However, when exploring what is Trainwreck kratom, it is difficult to obtain a straight answer from the various brands to determine if gold and yellow kratoms are even included in the mixture. Sadly, the details of the herb manufacture process remain secretive.

What Earth Kratom Says About Trainwreck

The respected Earth brand of the herb has stepped forward to state that their blend contains no less than 11 strains of kratom that are exceptionally exotic and create a full spectrum effect. They credit the intensity and effects to the high concentrations of the various flavonoids and alkaloids of the various strains used to create Trainwreck which seem to enhance each other.

Why is it Called Trainwreck Kratom?

When exploring the answer to ‘what is Trainwreck kratom’, we must look at why the herb blend is called ‘Trainwreck’. The moniker appears to refer to the blend’s potent qualities that push the cerebral envelope for optimum impact. Most users state that Trainwreck is as potent if not MORE potent than Maeng Da. It also has very long-lasting effects which are like those obtained by White Sumatra. In addition, the aroma of the blend is wonderfully balanced.

What are the Effects of Trainwreck Kratom?

Users continue to buy up the unique blend because it packs a powerful punch. Many will say that it is the best at relieving pain. However, it should be noted that such benefits are not corroborated by the U.S. government or medical institutions, so they are simply hearsay. The popularity of kratom clearly speaks volumes and it is quickly overtaking Maeng Da as the preferred type for seasoned users.

Benefits of Trainwreck kratom include:

WTF is Trainwreck Kratom? Is it Really Better Than Others?

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All effects differ with users, but most are listing the following benefits of Trainwreck kratom:

  • Increased Energy:  Appears to give a significant boost of energy which makes it popular for morning use.
  • Mood Improvement: Trainwreck appears to provide not only energy but motivation. Users report feeling happy and more focused.
  • Pain Relief: Trainwreck advocates believe that the blends ease muscle aches and help with their chronic pain.
  • Stimulation: Trainwreck is not only comparable to drinking a cup of potent coffee but may also improve the mental clarity of the users.

Different Brands of Trainwreck

The leading brands of Trainwreck kratom that stand out are:

How to Take Trainwreck Kratom

Now that you have learned the answers to ‘what is Trainwreck kratom?’ are you ready to try it? You’ll need to decide if you want to take Trainwreck capsules or powders. Clearly, capsules have plenty of benefits. They are not messy, and you can easily swallow the capsule. Plus, you don’t have to take the blend’s bitter alkaloid taste. However, many kratom users enjoy using kratom powders.

Users will mix powders in a tea or smoothie. They can ingest a kratom powder using a toss and wash method for fast effects. With the toss and wash method, you put a spoonful of kratom directly in your mouth, and then you chase it with a glass of water. This method is not for everyone -especially if you have a sensitive gag reflex or are overly sensitive to the taste of the alkaloids. Also, ingesting Trainwreck powder makes dosage a bit tricky but if you use capsules, then you are always ingesting the same amount of kratom every time. Powder users believe that the herb takes effect quicker than capsules which is a perk if you are seeking rapid pain relief.

FAQ About Trainwreck Kratom

After asking, ‘what is Trainwreck kratom?’ you probably have additional questions about the blend. Below is a quick FAQ about Trainwreck kratom that answers the most common questions newbies and avid kratom users ask about the formula:

How is it different than other products? 

Most types of kratom that you encounter are a single strain. However, Trainwreck is a blend of not one, two, or three strains but at minimum ELEVEN different strains of kratom to create an exceptionally potent product that impacts the user rapidly and with precision.

How does it make you feel?

This is an interesting question because the answer is not the same for everyone. There are a lot of factors that determine how any strain of the herb makes you feel such as your unique body chemistry, body size, dosage, and frequency of use. This herbal blend is no different. One person might feel completely energized by the blend and another user reports a feeling of deep relaxation.

When is the best time to take it?

Typically, you will want to take the herb in the morning because the blend reputation is that of an energizing formula. However, if you take too much of it then it can have a narcotic type of impact which makes you feel deeply relaxed and sleepy. Most users turn to the unique mixture as a pick-me-up so using it in the morning alongside your coffee is highly recommended.

Types of people that take it?

Many types of people take herbal supplements, but it’s typically used by those seeking a robust strain. Newbies rarely use this particular because of its strength. Instead, it is preferred by moderate to heavy kratom users. If a newbie does opt to use Trainwreck kratom then they should take the lowest dose suggested on the product’s label.


Trainwreck is becoming one of the most popular brands to ever emerge in the world of kratom. Clearly, the specialized blend is providing impressive results in users since they are continuing to use the compound with great enthusiasm.

What does it mean when they say Trainwreck kratom provides full-spectrum benefits? 

The term ‘full spectrum’ has been used in the CBD marketplace to refer to a product that contains all the cannabinoids found in cannabis in varying quantities. With kratom, it is also becoming a commonplace term used to refer to a blend that contains more than one kratom strain. When blending the strains, the brand is creating a very tailored product that naturally contains all the alkaloids that occur naturally in Mitragyna speciosa — thus a ‘full spectrum’ effect. The sky is the limit, and your body can truly reap all the benefits that Mother Nature has placed in the tropical tree’s foliage.

Should you try Trainwreck kratom?

Why not try the herbal supplement so you can discover if it really does live up to all the hype? The brand is remarkably affordable and widely available. At My Kratom Club, we sell several leading brands of Trainwreck kratom HERE. You can choose from capsules or powders.

Where can I buy Trainwreck Kratom?

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Buying Powder

You can buy Trainwreck kratom from a wide array of brands at stores, gas stations, dispensaries, and online.

Which Trainwreck kratom brand is best?

Everyone has their favorite brands of kratom. Ideally, you should pick a reputable brand. The brand should laboratory test all their kratom products to ensure purity. It is typically best to go with one of the reputable brands of the herbal blend when picking Trainwreck.

Now that all your questions have been answered, especially the most important one, “What is Trainwreck kratom?’  isn’t it time to order the blend? Please contact My Kratom Club to learn more about our many brands of Trainwreck kratom. We are here to answer all your questions.