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Where is Kratom Legal? What Countries, States, and Counties Can I Use and Possess Kratom

Kratom remains a relatively unknown herbal supplement in the United States so the question of its legality is often questioned. Are you wondering where is kratom legal? Please continue reading to learn more about the legal status of Mitragyna Speciose.

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What is Kratom?

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Kratom is obtained from a tropical tree.

Kratom (Mitragyna Speciose) is processed from curing the leaves of the tropical tree that naturally grows in Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, and Papua New Guinea. Natives chew the leaves or ingest capsules loaded with the leaf powder. Kratom tea is another popular way to ingest the herb. For centuries, kratom has been marketed as having healing powers and it is also a popular alternative to strong opioids.

Where is Kratom Legal in the USA?

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Learn where kratom is legal in the USA.

Many people mistakenly believe that if something is made legal at a federal level then it automatically becomes legal in all 50 states within the United States. However, this is not always true. Individual states govern what is legal within their borders and sometimes they are in dramatic opposition to the legal stance of the federal authorities. Look at marijuana as an example. Despite being a Schedule 1 drug according to the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA), marijuana has been legalized in many states not only for medicinal use but also recreational. As you can see, there are serious discrepancies between state and federal laws, and this also holds true for kratom.

The DEA labels kratom as a ‘drug of concern’. Kratom is concerning because the effects remain unknown due to the lack of research. However, in recent years, studies have started to materialize that are transparent about the lack of serious side effects associated with the herb so at some point the DEA will end up acknowledging the new and ever-changing information.

Most states classify kratom under the heading of a food product and they impose very few if any legal restrictions on the sale and use of kratom even when it is bought online from retailers.

Six states have a ban against kratom:

  • Alabama
  • Arkansas
  • Vermont
  • Indiana
  • Rhode Island
  • Wisconsin

Local Legalities and Kratom

In the U.S., you will find that most states have legalized kratom, but certain cities and counties still impose rules and regulations that ban the use and possession of the substance.

  • Illinois and New Hampshire allow kratom use in anyone over the age of 18. However, in Jerseyville, Illinois, kratom is completely banned.
  • In California, you can purchase and use kratom anywhere in the state, but it has been banned in the city of San Diego.
  • Florida allows the use of kratom statewide except in Sarasota county.
  • Mississippi offers statewide legalization, but Union County does not allow kratom
  • Kratom can be used anywhere in Colorado but it is banned for human consumption in Denver. However, you can still purchase kratom in the city, but it is sold only as a non-food product and labeled as ‘incense’
  • Tennessee has legalized kratom use for anyone over the age of 21

In all other states, kratom has been legal since the start of 2020.

Where is Kratom Legal in Asia?

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Kratom is illegal in Thailand for recreational use.

Kratom emerged from Southeast Asia where it has been used as a holistic treatment for centuries. Locals used the herb as a stimulant to make it through a long day of arduous labor. Also, locals used it to ease pain, and for other reputed health benefits. In addition, tea fashioned from kratom leaves is regularly enjoyed. At festivals, kratom is also a common addition.

The legal system throughout most Asian countries is remarkably diverse. A few of them restrict the use of kratom.

Kratom is currently legal in the following countries:

  • Singapore
  • Vietnam
  • Myanmar
  • Malaysia
  • Israel
  • Japan
  • South Korea

Thailand has banned the cultivation of kratom and has classified it as a Category 5 substance which is like marijuana. However, the country is currently reviewing its legal stance against kratom due to its potential medicinal value. At the start of 2020, kratom and marijuana were both legalized in the country for medicinal use but kratom remains illegal for growth.

China has legalized kratom in Hong Kong, but it remains illegal in the rest of the country. Currently, there appear to be no clear cut plans to legalize it in the rest of the country.

The Legalities of Kratom in Australia and New Zealand

Australia is very hard-nosed when it comes to kratom. It is illegal to cultivate, use, possess, or purchase the herb throughout the country. New Zealand classifies kratom as a Schedule 1 substance which makes it illegal for importation or exportation. However, you can obtain a prescription from a physician for kratom if you suffer from certain medical conditions. Overall, New Zealand tightly controls kratom. Currently, the legal climate of legalizing kratom in Australia or New Zealand does not appear to show any signs of changing.

Where is Kratom Legal in Europe?

European countries appear to frown on kratom, and it remains illegal in most of the countries. In Ireland, local legislation on use and purchase appears to be changing. The United Kingdom and Italy also might allow kratom in some areas.

Latvia, Denmark, Finland, Romania, Sweden, Poland, and Russia have made kratom strictly illegal. However, you will be happy to learn that other European countries are less restrictive, and the herb is legal. However, it is not readily available so you might run into problems finding it.

Canada and Kratom Law

Canadian law is remarkably like that of Denver, Colorado in the United States. Under Canadian law, kratom is illegal for human consumption and cannot be sold as food. However, you can buy kratom as incense or non-consumable product. Kratom users regularly overlook the law and purchase kratom for private human consumption in the country.

Why Isn’t Kratom Legal Everywhere?

Even though kratom has been around for centuries, it remains a mystery in many parts of the world. Until it becomes more widely studied, kratom will continue to be viewed with skepticism by many governments and local legalities. The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) does not view the herb as having any therapeutic benefits but without a doubt, this is due to the lack of studies underway about the substance. Until new information starts to emerge, certain cities, counties, and countries will continue to view kratom with skepticism and, to protect their residents from the unknown, they will continue to have bans against kratom.

The History of Kratom Laws

As 2019 ended, there was no pending legislation that targeted kratom at the federal level, but this does not give the herb complete immunity. The legislation is constantly changing and evolving. In 2016, the DEA had boldly announced that they wanted to classify kratom as a Schedule 1 substance so they could prohibit it nationwide. However, the kratom community rose in opposition to the prohibition.

A White House petition was organized, and they collected over 145,000 signatures and there were over 6,000 letters submitted directly to the DEA. The proactive movement caught the attention of 60 members of Congress who wrote to the DEA to postpone the ban and open a comment period. They received an impressive total of 23,232 comments which were 99 percent in favor of kratom. After much force, the DEA reversed its scheduling of kratom.

Interestingly, the fact that an advocacy group was able to overturn a DEO emergency scheduling is no less than miraculous and one of the history books. However, the legal battle for kratom still rages as the DEA handed over kratom to the FDA. The bias of the FDA against supplements and herbs is well known so at this time there is no way to actively foresee the future of kratom from a legal perspective in the United States

How to Keep Kratom Legal?

As you learn more about where is kratom legal, you will start to feel strongly about holding onto your right to buy the herb. As a buyer, you will want to support the movement to keep kratom legal. Consumers can take steps to make sure that kratom remains reputable. One of the keyways is to only purchase kratom products from a reputable vendor either in a brick and mortar establishment or online.

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Here are a few ways to keep kratom legal:

  • Always use a reputable vendor known for its values and motivation.
  • Only buy a kratom brand that has undergone lab testing to ensure its quality and purity.
  • Investigate the kratom brand that you plan to purchase to make sure it is free of scandal
  • Check out the retailer’s advertisements to make sure they follow all rules and regulations and do not make false health claims about their herbs.
  • Never buy from a kratom vendor who falsely advertises their products.
  • Always check out what the brand or vendor is doing to help keep kratom legal.

When buying kratom, always make wise buying choices.

As you explore, where is kratom legal, be sure to only buy from reputable retailers.

At My Kratom Club, we are here to answer all of your questions. Please contact us today to learn more about our kratom products.

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  1. I want to really thank for this article. For me, this article is more of a guide on the whole issue and questions in one’s mind about the legality of Kratom. From reading this article you have just shared to the general public, most people will know more about the legality of Kratom, and know where it is legal and avoid getting into trouble.

  2. Hi, this is a very interesting article. I have checked how it is in my country. Kratom illegal in Slovenia (Europe) since January 2019. I agree that legislation changes over time, I hope that it will change in my country too and it will be made available for personal use & medical purposes – it may help some people to improve their quality of life.

  3. Kratom is legal in most parts of the United States, though its legal status may be in question due to a proposed bill that would include it in the list of illegal drugs. It is important to understand that legality also means that there are no restrictions on the usage of the herb. Kratom is readily available on head shops and health stores even in states where it is not legal.

  4. I think the ban for those states will make it difficult for people living there to get products from reputable sellers. The only way will be to buy online. Or to contact the sellers and organize shipping.

    I really hope to see those states improve their regulation to help their local users get safe products to improve their health. Because the ban of such products leads to creating an illegal line of business that will be more costly.



  5. Hello. I live in Serbia. I’ve heard of Kratom before. It has a positive effect on problems with depression, anxiety and gives positive energy. In my country it is legal but the possibility of finding it is very small, almost non-existent. I am very sad about that. I think accessibility should be greater and countries less restrictive on that issue.

  6. This is very is definitely valuable information that will help prevent any complications with the law when it comes to the usage of Kratom in the near future. It’s kinda sad that the plant is not widely accepted across the world, despite its benefits. This is why it is so important to know what restrictions have been placed on this plant, to not have problems with the law in the future

  7. Hopefully as the cannabis laws are being reviewed around the world, so too will the laws of Kratom. The USA is usually ahead of the curve in most of these things and the rest of the world follows, even if the entire US isn’t entirely up to speed. I can’t imagine it will take that long for everyone to catch on. There are so many things around the world that were deemed illegal and dangerous that are now widely accepted as the norm. Let’s cross our fingers and hope this makes its way to the masses.

  8. It is very sad that Kratom is banned in many countries but its benefits are healthy. So those who want to do business with this Kratom must keep in mind that it is legal and safe in some countries. So your article will be very effective for those who want to do business with kratom in different countries of the world including Europe. I myself am doing business with this kratom, so I try to do it according to the laws of the countries where I do or will do business. Finally, I have read and enjoyed your article so I would like to share the subject of the article in my social media group if you allow me.

  9. Considering all the health benefits of Kratom, no country is supposed to ban or reject it. It should be generally accepted by all for it’s effectiveness and beneficial qualities. It is not to be restricted to or from certain people. I am going to get one soon.

    Thank you for all this great insight and healthy tips on Kratom product

  10. This is very valuable information that will help prevent a run in with the law when it comes to the usage of Kratom. It is sad that the plant is not widely accepted despite its many uses but it’s also important to know what restrictions have been placed on the plant so as not to override the or have a fallout with authority. 

  11. I’m still not sure what Kratom is or what it it does? I clicked on the What is Kratom tab and it was a little vague. All I really got from it was it’s a kind of stimulant. What are the benefits? Supplements should do something and so far I have no idea what Kratom does for me or why I should buy it. The about page could use some more detail.

    1. Hi There,

      Thanks for your comment. If you were not able to understand our brief explanation of Kratom we recommend taking a look at our History of Kratom article HERE 

      In addition we have our blog section HERE which we have well over 50 articles just focusing on everything Kratom

      Hope this information helps.

  12. Wow I never knew this product is actually banned in some countries. I’ve heard quite a few about this product and the company but never have I heard that it’s banned in some countries. This herbal product has proven to help a large number of people with lesser side effects. Thanks for the awareness on where it’s been ban.

  13. The ban in natural substances like Kratom in some countries is largely due to lack of research on human subjects. I does sound more like a cannabis and lately certain amount of cannabis has been legalized in part of the world where i live. I just checked and found that Kratom is not an approved food supplement for use. 

    This natural supplement got lots of potential and i hope more research investigating its side effects on body come out soon so people can start using this supplement. 

  14. thanks .. as a person who using alternative medicine…   I am currently researching Kratom ..  this article was very thorough in showing where it is legal and why it is illegal still in some places.  I hadn’t heard about Kratom until recently even though it seems to have been around forever.  I am interested in the testimonials about healing and positive effects.  I always think that natural products are much safer than adulterated pills.  Thanks for the article!

  15. Hi there, thank you for sharing this informative and resourceful  review article which is centered on Where  Kratom is Legal? What Countries, States, and Counties Can I Use and Possess Kratom. this is my first time of hearing of the product kratom.

    It’s such a shame that natural substances like kratom are illegal in some countries. i see no reason why there should be a ban on it.

  16. Oh, well it seems that kratom is legal in some parts of the United States and it is quite prohibited is some other parts as well but it is good that you can bring up this because it is a big talk on if it is legal or not. Nobody wants to have to take in contraband. It is legal around here though so I’m happy.

  17. I will say that people really didn’t know about Kratom, so there wasn’t any intensive publicity or hype like any other drugs. So they never made it illegal. And yeah, they tried banning it in America 2 years ago because it was becoming popular. But of course, lots of people wrote letters to DEA saying how great of importance it is to them. Because of this, they had no option than to keep it legal. I’m a big fan of Kratom and lucky to live where it is legal.

  18. Kratom seems to be similar to CBD oils and alike. I live in California and we are able to get it here but San Diego does not allow it apparently, as you stated in your article. Very interesting that there are so many different laws and areas where you can and cannot get certain items like Kratom. I was not aware of this herb before reading your article. I do like plant based products because they are more natural and healing for the body. Good job on this article. John

  19. Kratom seems to be similar to CBD oils and alike. I live in California and we are able to get it here but San Diego does not allow it apparently, as you stated in your article. Very interesting that there are so many different laws and areas where you can and cannot get certain items like Kratom. I was not aware of this herb before reading your article. I do like plant based products because they are more natural and healing for the body. Good job on this article. John

  20. Interesting to know that Kratom is illegal in many countries and in fact is treated at par with substances like marijuana. This means that we really need to be careful when possessing and using it. 

    Kratom seems quite popular in the West, while Asia has only a few countries where it is accepted.

    I wonder why some governments have not allowed it? Does it have some very adverse side effects? Maybe a lot of studies need to be conducted worldwide for its real benefits to be understood.

    1. Thanks Aparna for your comment and question.

      The side effects of Kratom are mild when taken in moderation and approved by your physician. Here is a link to learn more about the potential side effects HERE.

      Hope this information helps.

      – MKC

  21. I must say i am glad i had to come across such a wonderful article because it makes a meaningful impact being able to really get access to all of these. Honestly speaking, i don’t really know why these countries had to place a ban to such a wonderful products that helps the human day to day activities. Well i indeed have heard a two or three about Kratom and to my best of understanding, its really helpful to boost the body system and help fight against ill health.

  22. It just blew my mind why the Use of Kratom is still illegal in my country, Thailand. I was growing up seeing the hard labors and the student that is studying for the exams using it left to right. I think Kratom is far better than coffee for the energy boost any day and there are so many more health benefits. 

    Thank god that I live in NYC and the use of Kratom is legal here. I wonder why some states ban it. Anyways, thank you for sharing this useful information.   

  23. I have never heard of kratom before. Why is it not legal in so many places? I understand that not enough studies have been conducted, but then there is no real evidence either that it can be used as a recreational drug, is there …? It seems to be a plant with health benefits, from what I understand. 

    I like that you can buy kratom incense and tea. It reminds me of the coca tea I had when I was in Peru, which was tea made of the coca plant, another plant that is medicinal and was used by the natives, but unfortunately it is more known for its use as a drug …

    I like to know more about kratom. Does it have any specific vitamins?

  24. I live in the Uk and Kratom is illegal, but does that mean Kratom is bad. I don’t think so. As with many things ignorance is a dangerous thing. It would be much better if some serious research was done to back up the claims made about Kratom so it can be made legal or debunk the claims and everyone knows where they stand. Prohibition doesn’t work.

  25. In our Balkan countries, Kratom is still illegal and I am sure it will be for a long time to come. In our country, it is not legally possible to use any substances that may have a psychoactive effect, even for cosmetic purposes. They are barely allowed in medical conditions, under strict control. There is no prospect that anything will change in the near future.

  26. Hi,

    I find this post interesting because even though I have never heard of Kraton I do believe I recognize it as a plant grown in Guyana. However it’s use is not well known. We are a country that uses a lot of herbal remedy but this one is new for me. Do you have any idea what Kraton is most often used for? Has there been any report of side effects? If so how often and what were the effects most often listed?


    Candy Benn

  27. I find it interesting that different countries hold different stands on the use of this herb due to lack of research. Research will be a great place to start to ensure the safety of the  citizens and to ensure  that citizens are not denied what can be helpful to their wellbeing .

  28. Hi

    Thank you very much for clearing up this complex mind field, as so many different rules for different  countries,  you wonder if you are obtaining kratom legally. I think  it is still difficult as each government in the world will worry that they are  going to cause extra problems by allowing Kratom legally. It is such a knife edge as you feel that some countries will change in the near future, especially if better scientific research reveals promising  results without any serious side effects.

    Do you think governments are unduly  worried about Kratom?



  29. I truly appreciate this article and all the information you have provided. I had not heard of Kratom before coming across your post. 

    My preference for any treatment, minimal or larger, is always natural, whenever possible. Kratom seems to fit that need, without being highly processed as some are. And when I checked your availability, my area of Florida allows it without restrictions! 

    Thanks for a great article about a very useful product!

  30. This is a great post on where kratom is legal. I always find it so confusing the way in which the legal system works in the USA, and that applies to the legality of kratom, where the rules and regulations between states seems to vary so much.

    To be edited and please edit what you feel is not appropriate: I know this is off topic, but vaccines contain mercury and aluminum and other toxic substances, but yet that seems to be okay because big pharma is controlling it all and it is all about money. But when it comes to natural herbal products, the powers of be cannot handle it because big pharma is not getting their cut. To me it is the principle of authorities that want to control us, that I disagree with . 

  31. Thank you for sharing your knowledge of this substance and on how to find out where it is legal. I am always searching for supplements and ways to avoid taking manmade drugs for anything. Finding your articale about Kratom intrigued me.

    I had never heard of this herb till finding your site. I find it very interesting that a natural substances that have been used forever, constantly come under the watchful eyes and criticisms of such entities as the FDA. Yet, they are so easy to push manmade drugs that are far more dangerous for human consumption.

    Do you have any recommondations as to where to find good quality Kratom? What are the main used for it?

  32. Nice Article. It is my first time hearing of the Kratom plant. It seems like if a plant has green leafs it is probably going to have licencing issues… lol Can Kratom be grown using an aquaponics indoor method? I am a tea fan myself. It is unfortunate we do not have it here in South Africa. Proper research must be done to instead of making the plant illegal without appropriate sufficient evidence. 

    1. Ezra thanks for stopping by.

      Take a look at our article HERE which discusses all about growing Kratom.

      We would love to get your feedback after you read the article.

      – MKC

  33. It’s very true that not all countries are fine with you possessing some stuffs so it’s better you make your findings about the product you’re about to buy whether it won’t turn you into a criminal. Kratom is a good product but not all government sees it or allows it, this article is a good one.

  34. I have been reading a lot about kratom lately and there are some points in which I agree with you and they are that when countries don’t do research about this herb, they prefer to ban it to protect their population from the unknown. It’s easier to start with a ban and later down the road change their mind.

  35. Well, after reading this, I can see that some other states in the United States do not use this and it is quite understandable why but I still fear very much that the other states might want to restrict or ban the use of kratom in their parts too which in my own opinion would be really sad.

  36. Thanks for your information, I am glad that Kratom is legal in Illinois. I have only recently heard about it and am not sure where to buy it from. Could you recommend any online stores that will sell it?

    I have been suffering from back pain for 2 years now and a friend told me that Kratom could help with it. Do you agree?

    Thanks for your help.

  37.  Must say this is the first time that I’m hearing about kratom! Never knew of it’s existence before. I will definitely be researching into it to learn more. It seems to me that it is the similar space to the more well known CBD. All natural with properties that can improve your health but no major testing by recognized agencies to either confirm or deny. thanks for the introduction. 

  38. Your article ‘Where is Kratom Legal? What Countries, States, and Counties Can I Use and Possess Kratom’ was really intriguing to read. To be honest I had no idea that Kratom was banned in some states as I am just hearing about it newly so I’m glad that I cam across this article before purchasing any. Thank you for sharing this article. 

  39. Well, I cannot see my country in here and that definitely affirms the fact that it is still not yet legal in her but my mom always have a way of sneaking it up here for me whenever she comes visiting me. She live s in mexico though and tries to visit everytime too. So, this s rather an interesting one to see here

  40. Hello there, I really have to say that I am impressed to see a naturally made products that works because I have seen about of them that isn’t good and I feel sad. I really want to day I also like how you’ve explained the legitimacy aspect of its acceptance so we all can know more about it. Cheers 

  41. Well! I know the riles differs in each country considering what can be used and what cannot be used when it comes to drugs or herbs related products kratom is actually well worthy and though it is not yet acceptable in my state on the overall, I have a sister that often brings it for us whenever she visits us.

  42. It’s such a shame that natural substances like kratom are illegal in some countries. I can see similarities with cannabis in this regard. Of course, everything can be used in extensive amounts that are bad for our health but the same applies to coffee consumption, cigarettes and various foods and drinks that have proven to be detrimental in long term yet they are not banned opposite to some herbs that have been used by indigenous people in various parts of the world for centuries. 

    I live in Europe and found out that kratom is legal in my country but it’s not an approved food supplement. I hope the legislation won’t get stricter and won’t prohibit it completely. 

  43. This is good, atleast now I understand that there are some places around the world where kratom is not accetbut luckily for me, it is acceptable around here and I would be able to enjoy all the wonderful features and benefits of making use of kratom. I thi k you did a good job to write this on your website. Thanks for sharing.

  44. Thank you for sharing a lovely, informative article with us. The chief item of this article is about uses and processing countries of kratom. It is truly amazing that you covered this subject so well in your post. I’ve learned a lot from reading your post and gained a lot of knowledge about it. I like How to Keep Kratom Legal of the points in your article. Knowing which country or where Craton is legal can further double its business scope. So before starting this business, it is necessary to know the details about its legally through which anyone can do business in these countries or in those places.

  45. Wow, I can’t believe this kratom really heals people. People should take kratom seriously. This kratom will change many lives but I didn’t know why 6 other states ban kratom, it really helps but why are they so against it? I didn’t know about this kratom until now. Thank you for this wonderful article.

  46. Hi, thank you for your article! I don’t even know Kratom! So, I learnt something new today!:)

    I am not surprised that in Europe laws are more restrictive, but I must say that after reading your article I searched for more info and it is true that not all the effects are very well known, so I can fully understand why no all countries are convinced of legalizing kratom. Your article is extremely informative and kratom looks like something to take into consideration! 🙂

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