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K Shot extracts and the kratom market is growing rapidly around the world and continues to do so even in the times of Covid-19.

As it is legalized all over the U.S and the world, people are becoming more and more aware of the benefits they can accrue from the supplement.

The lessened stigma around its use has resulted in several Kratom brands surfacing and bringing a variety of different products to the marketplace.

The K Shot Kratom Extract is one such product that has taken the Kratom market by storm in recent times.

What Is The Difference Between The K Shot Extract and Regular Kratom?

Before delving into the profile of the K Shot itself, one must know how the extract differs from your average kratom product.

Extracting the alkaloids from the plant is to offer a significantly more potent product.

To produce the Kratom extract, the leaves are boiled, reduced in size, and then boiled again in water.

After being boiled the veins and stems are removed.

While a similar process is used for some other products.

This process requires a significant amount of Kratom leaves.

When the extraction process is completed, you are left with an oil-based mixture that can be as much as 35-50 times more potent than your average Kratom dose.

What Is The K Shot?

K Shots are a Pure Alkaloid Suspension Oil.

The reason why this brand is considered to be unique and has become so popular among consumers is the fact that it is one of the original Kratom extracts and has been in business for years.

Consisting of 2 alkaloids critical to the effectiveness of the herb; Mitragynine and 7-OH-Mitragynine along with its secret proprietary formula have made the K Shot brand one of the most famous well-known products in the marketplace.

Like other extracts, the K Shot is also made with the Maeng Da strain.

However, the use of Green Maeng Da in their secret blend has allowed it to be recognized as a cut above the rest of the others.

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What Will Your Experience Feel Like When Using The K Shot?

The main purpose of Kratom extracts is to give the users a burst of energy as the main strain used in its extraction is the energizing Maeng Da.

While some Kratom extracts are designed to give a balance of energy, focus, and euphoria, this product leans more towards the energizing side.

Its use will give you a burst of energy, but this burst will feel natural and relaxing.

You won’t feel hyperactive like drinking a cup of coffee.

Although the focus of K Shot is an energy boost, its potency will also result in other effects.

This Maeng Da strain works well for focus, euphoria, and a general sense of serenity.

Who should use the K Shot?

Whether or not K Shot or any other Kratom extract is suitable for you is dependent on several factors.

Perhaps the most important of these factors is your experience with Kratom.

If you are an experienced user and have tried out various Kratom products the K Shot according to customers is a must-try.

Making an excellent addition to your Kratom routine.

Not only can it prove to be more useful than most regular Kratom products, but it will also be easier for you to get used to it with prior experience.

On the other hand, if you have just started using Kratom and are a beginner, you should tread lightly.

Although you can experiment with it as an amateur, the potency of this product might be too much to handle.

To work your way around this issue, you can use it carefully in lesser amounts or just experiment with other Kratom products before you delve into this more potent, kratom extract.

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K Shot Dosage and Directions for Use

While it is critical to know how to use all of these brands it is intrinsically important to know your way around the K Shot as it has proven to be a much more potent product.


It takes 9 grams of top-quality Kratom to make one 0.5 Oz bottle of this brand.

Consequently, you must manage your dosage carefully.

According to many users, even 1/3 to half the bottle will give you the effect you are looking for. Whether it be analgesia or an energy boost.

The rule of thumb with any potent Kratom product, however, should always be to start small and work your way up according to the effects each dose gives you.

There is no point in downing the entire bottle if you could get the desired effect just by using a quarter of it.


There are no strict ways to use the K Shot as there are multiple methods to consume it.

While some consumers ingest it directly as it has a decent taste, others add it to their favorite beverages.

The portability of this product allows you to consume it anywhere you are for a quick boost of energy or pain relief from aching muscles.

For the fastest absorption into your body, however, you should ingest it by itself.

It is important to remember that you will build up a tolerance to the product if you are using it frequently.

Consequently, you must track your use to make sure you don’t develop a dependency on the product.

Why Should You Choose And Try The K Shot As Your Chosen Brand?

The K Shot’s popularity is not just a fad.

It has not stood the test of time because it is one of the original Kratom extracts.

Its popularity stems from several other factors that make the product what it is today.

Highly Accessible

One of the most critical factors why this brand is a top seller is how accessible it is.

You’ll find it in smoke shops, gas stations, and of course HERE at My Kratom Club.

Certified Kosher K Shot Kratom Extract

A Kosher and Non-GMO Product

It is also kosher and gluten-free which means Kratom users opening up the potential user base.

In addition, it’s an all-natural product that is non-GMO.

No genetic modification has been done to the extract without any artificial process to boost the attributes.


Cultivated with some of the best farming practices.

K Shots are one of the best Kratom extracts in terms of bioavailability.

This means that the maximum amount of product ingested reaches the systemic circulation to produce its effects.

Lab Tested

Apart from top-tier bioavailability, they are also lab-tested products.

Assurance it’s safe from all contaminants such as heavy metals, E Coli, and other impurities.

All in all, a solid choice based on the above facts and customer testimonials.

Where Can I Buy the K Shot?

When it comes to Kratom and CBD products, they are abundantly available both offline and online.

K Shots are readily available at gas stations, smoke shops, and brick-and-mortar locations.

It is, however, discouraged to buy Kratom products from gas stations and smoke shops for a variety of reasons.

You’ll find their products to be pricier as they are not competing with established Kratom vendors.

Keep in mind there is also the danger of contaminated products.

You would not find very many gas stations or smoke shops which will show you lab tests.

Moreover, some of these shops sell Kratom products after taking them out of their original packaging.

When it comes to Kratom and the majority of herbal products, online shopping is the more popular way to go.

By shopping online, you can purchase products in the comfort of your home.

Stay away from the crowds while searching for that hard-to-find product.

Our Final Thoughts on The K Shot Kratom Extract

A quality well-established product with great results.

We are proud to offer the K Shot extract in our online store and have since day 1.

Moreover, we have a lot of information when it comes to strains, brand reviews, and just about anything kratom in our blog HERE.

A quick search in the search box on the website should be able to answer most questions.

If not, let us know and we will do our best to get you the information you need.

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